5 of the Rap Game’s Hottest Cuban Link Chains

5 of the Rap Game’s Hottest Cuban Link Chains

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The hottest chains the rap game are some of the flashiest, most expensive pieces anywhere. Nobody likes to show off their earnings like a rapper who’s on top of the game, and their expensive and lavish tastes have given us some of the sickest chains the world has ever seen.

They range from royal to ridiculous, and come in all shapes and sizes. You’ve got to be making serious money to get your hands on one of these chains, though — that’s why you only see the game’s kingpins wearing them.

Among the most expensive, attention-grabbing chains are Miami and Cuban-styled link chains. They’re some of the most recognizable, classy, and heaviest pieces available anywhere, and they’ve been a staple of the rap game ever since Run DMC made rope-braided dookie chains popular decades ago.

We’re going to release a series soon detailing up to 50, maybe even 100, of hip hop’s hottest jewelry. To hold you over while we work with the industry’s biggest acts to get the exclusive rundown on their jewelry, here are some of the rap game’s five hottest Miami and , along with their proud owners.

5. Lil Jon’

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What!? What!? Yeayuh! Lil’ Jon probably got tired of reminding people that crunk ain’t dead, so he had a chain made to do the talking for him. While the medallion is impressive, the heavy braided rope chain made from solid gold is just as fly. On its own, it probably comes in at around 3 kilos.

These chains first became popular in the 80’s, and Lil’ Jon is doing his part to respect the old heads by re-popularizing some of the decade’s iconic looks.

4. Fat Joe (and Nelly as a bonus!)

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Two for the price of one! This spot on the board is a near-tie between Fat Joe and Nelly. Both sport huge yellow gold Cuban link chains. Joe got his pieced iced while Nelly opted for a solid gold chain. Both look ridiculously good, and demonstrate how simplicity and class can trump all the silly bells and whistles found on too many chains today.

Nelly and Fat Joe are two legends of the game who have been around long enough to know what’s really in style, and who’s just a poser.

3. 50 Cent

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50 Cent is a polarizing rapper. That means people either love him they hate him, but no matter how much respect you have (or don’t have) for 50, you can’t deny he’s got one of the hottest chains in the entire business.

This is the same person who dropped Get Rich or Die Tryin’, a classic that paid out untold millions to the rapper. He’s since had his hands in other ventures, and enjoys playing the entrepreneur game, but 50’s rap pedigree is undeniable.

He rocks an iced-out, fat . Actually, scratch that — he wears like four!

2. Young Jeezy

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Young Jeezy may not have made a lot of noise in 2017, but he’s made a killing in the rap business. That much is obvious when you look at his jewelry, which almost tops this list thanks to how on-point it is.

As you can see, Jeezy likes to mix it up and doesn’t stick with any one chain. He’s normally got at least three draped around his neck. Still, he’s got a clear favorite when it comes to style, and he seems to enjoy the Miami look — thick, heavy Cuban link pieces. Not bad at all! These pieces look to be about two or three kilos a piece.

1. Jay-Z

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Jay-Z is the undisputed king of the rap game — and it’s been that way for two decades. Jay’s life and career represent the ultimate rags to riches story. His humble beginnings involved peddling drugs and mixtapes in Brooklyn, rapping for anyone who would listen.

Jay went on to become an investor, entrepreneur, owner of sport teams, clubs, record labels, and clothing lines. He married Beyonce Knowles and has the competition beat when it comes to staying on top of the game.

It’s only fitting his chain pull rank, too. Estimated to be worth at least $25,000, Jay’s chain shows class — making a statement without any gaudy accents or silly logos. It’s a pure gold Cuban link piece that’s almost as recognizable as the iconic artist himself.

Jay’s chain is one of the few that doesn’t go overboard, and hints at how much money the artist is making while maintaining a sense of class.

There are bigger chains, and there are more expensive chains out there. But it’s hard to argue with Jay’s tastes. He sets trends and revolutionizes the game every time he gets involved with a project, whether it’s musical or business-related. If he rocks a straight Cuban link chain, that’s the number one look. Simple as that.

If you’re thinking this incredible chain, rumored to be 7 kilos or more, is just costume jewelry meant for the stage, peep Jay rocking the chain on a private jet:

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Whether you like em’ flashy and cartoonish like Rick Ross, or simple and powerful like Jay, you’ve gotta admit they make a statement.

BONUS: Daddy Yankee

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Daddy Yankee technically has an even crazier, more expensive chain than Jay’s — it’s a 10 kilo Cuban link chain, but it’s the exact same style Jay made popular a few years before. This particular piece looks like it probably weighs as much as a bowling ball!

Who’s got a hotter chain than the ones shown above? Drop us a line so we can check it out!

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