A Guide To Selling Jewellery On Amazon


Do you wish to sell handmade jewellery online? A lot of jewellers opt to offer their designs at craft fairs or on sites like Etsy, however after spending a lot time and effort refining your items and designs, you may now remain in a position to start selling jewellery online somewhere else. So if youre ready to take your business to the next level, check out our guide to selling jewellery on Amazon– an international e-commerce site created for the sale of a wide variety of items. Where to start? If youre questioning how to sell jewellery on Amazon, discover our top tips listed below.

How to offer jewellery on Amazon

Prior to you begin, its worth noting that only authorized sellers of fine jewellery are permitted to sell jewellery on Amazon. Want to request approval? Log in to your sellers account, click “Add a Product” in your inventory, try to find your existing great jewellery item and then select “Request for Approval”. Just complete the application form, wait and submit for your action. You might be triggered to pay a non-refundable application fee, so take a look at the fine jewellery conditions prior to sending your application.

Once your application has been approved, you can begin selling jewellery on Amazon! There are a couple of things to think about when it comes to constructing your Amazon listing:

Title and description– keep it clear, make certain you include all the pertinent info and optimise for keywords

Images and video– a very vital part of your listing, offering customers a clear view of the item and each element

Consumer evaluations– having visible reviews can press clients who are on-the-fence to buy of your item over options

Star score– symbolising the average customer evaluation, enabling purchasers to see a fast evaluation of your product and assuring quality

Stock– stock reports are photos of your Amazon noting information, you a better concept of what you have available and which products require removing or upgrading

Boosted material– includes comparison charts, downloadable files and many methods to personalize your listing with top quality assets

Jewellers top pointers for selling on Amazon

Offering jewellery online is no mean accomplishment, and when it comes to offering style jewellery on Amazon, there are no exceptions. Here are some of the jewellers leading ideas for selling on Amazon:

Optimise your listings. Amazon offers over 12 million products, so your listing requires to stand out and appear at the top of item searches. They use the item details and information you offer to match your product to a consumers search query, so its crucial that you offer accurate, detailed details when producing your listing. Do not interrupt on anything– include titles, descriptions, any details that can identify the product (e.g. size and colour), pertinent search terms, and so on

. Usage professional images. When selling jewellery online, no matter what website youre using, you must include numerous images that clearly show your products. If your pictures do not look expert, buyers will have less trust in you as a brand– if they can see a level of professionalism in your listing, they are most likely to think in the quality of your items. Required some recommendations on jewellery photography? Have a look at our blog site on how to picture jewellery to assist you bring in more purchasers.

Use competitive prices. The majority of customers on Amazon exist to find the items they desire or need, at the most affordable rates. So before you begin selling jewellery on Amazon, you ought to learn more about the prices youre competing against. Unless your product is genuinely special, it will require a lot of research study to get the cost. In some cases, having a lower cost can also help your listing appear at the top of the search results page.

The dos and do nts of selling jewellery on Amazon

You understand what to include, but what are the other dos and do nts of offering jewellery on Amazon?

In general:

Know the guidelines and do not breach any of Amazons policies
Start with at least 10 products and include a variety of items that your target market might be interested in
Track your scores and reviews
Monitor your sales and stock
Meet Amazons processing and shipping timelines

Product Titles:

Capitalise the first letter of each word
Keep your titles brief (50 characters minimum), but consist of all critical info
Optimise your listings with relevant keywords– find keywords that are just utilized on Amazon, have high search volumes and filter them out by importance, competition score and difficulty
Avoid using dashes and choose commas instead
Avoid including the rate and amount
Avoid utilizing all capital letters and additional signs
Do not add seller details

Gallery Images:

Use a pure white background to let the product stick out
Program the product exterior of its packaging
Show the entirety of the item, and not just one snippet.
Fill 80-100% of the image frame
Avoid including text/illustrations/graphics/ logos that arent part of the item to your images
Dont use watermarks

Get your company Amazon-ready with Cooksongold

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Remember, when selling jewellery on Amazon, all listings and products must observe all the appropriate laws and guidelines– so do your research to make certain you and your service comply.


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