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Featured Chain 8 – Birdman

When you enter the hip hop chain game, you either build up to a statement, gradually adding pieces and making yourself iconic… you come out swinging. Nobody came out swinging quite like Cash Money Records did their first video. Two Rolexes on each wrist. Lambos and Bentleys, and some serious bling. When you enter the game that hard, you stay for as long as you want.

Birdman made that dream come true, with his Cash Money Records Chain. The $20,000 gold piece is iconic, and it screams business. hip hop beat down the door, and it did it on the neck of Birdman and Cash Money Records. No more words need to be said about this chain, it speaks for itself, and it speaks it’s name: legendary.

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From Our Sister Site: The Many Uses Of Gold, Part 3

Gold is the most useful mineral that is mined from the Earth, and it is found electronics the world over. Its luster, and color make it a prized possession throughout the world.

Previously, we discussed the usage of gold in jewelry and financial transactions. Today we are going to discuss a use for gold that impacts our everyday life, even if we do not realize it. Gold found in electronics is vitally important to the world. It is found in tons of devices that makes the world run. Yet, the vital nature of gold in our everyday life has long lasting impacts.

Gold is found in electronics for multiple reasons. The ability of gold to conduct both electricity, and electronic signals, is unparalleled among precious metals. Solid state electronics operate by using low voltages and currents that depend on a lack of interruption. Gold can transmit at these low voltage points, and do so more reliably than other easily available metals.

One of the reasons that gold is able to transmit signals so reliably is because it is not prone to corrosion tarnish. This property, previously discussed in this series on why gold is popular in jewellery, makes gold highly valuable in electronics. Not only does it make gold valuable, but it makes the devices it is placed in highly reliable. This in turn makes them as valuable as the gold used to make them. Gold is mainly used in connectors, switch and relay contacts, and anywhere joints, wires, and strips need to be connected.

If a connection needs to be made, gold is the method through which electronics would ideally depend.

This reliability, and value, is found in the devices that power the modern world. Cell phones, computers, PDAs, GPS units, and all the way down to televisions and calculators. If it is electronic, it more than likely includes gold components. Electronics which do not feature gold are generally found to not be as reliable as those that are. The value of gold ensures the value of electronics.

There has arisen a minor problem due to gold’s reliability and value. With so much gold being used in electronics, it is slowly chipping away at the scarce supply of global gold. Nearly a billion phones are produced every year with gold components, each using approximately fifty cents worth of gold. With very few phones being recycled, literal millions of dollars worth of gold is being lost yearly. This translates to the remaining gold on the market slowly being worth more, and devices which depend on gold potentially costing more in the future.

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Album 98: Dangerdoom – Dangerdoom

An unlikely, yet sonically devastating triple team of lyrical behemoth MF DOOM, producer Danger Mouse (of Gnarls Barkley), and the voices of some of Adult Swim’s stable of cartoon wackos, Dangerdoom comes together like a hip hop stoner snob’s version of a turducken. From Aqua Teen Hunger Force’s Meatwad’s cameos during the hilarious skits, to DOOM’s trademark growly super-scientist flow, this album is how promotional collaborations should be done.

DOOM, often called “an emcee’s emcee”, is at his best teamed with the sparse soundscapes conjured by the enigmatic Dangermouse.
Relentless, punishing bars over masterfully arranged production, coupled with the perfect amount of humor make this one of 2006’s best albums, period.

Danger Doom

“Sofa King” is one of the hardest Hip Hop tracks DOOM’s vast repertoire. What’s your favorite track? Comment below!

Featured Chain 7 – Shawty Lo

Do you want the world to know how much of a true player you are? Wear a diamond a crack vial around your neck like Shawty Lo. The entire chain was a risky move to take, and Shawty not only pulled it off, but he shows why boundaries should be pushed. It is gangster. It is silly. It is $15,000 of street hanging on your neck. Complemented by an icy chain, some may think this is going to far. We say it not just went far enough, it actually complimented the other chains he had hanging from his neck.

All that you need to know about the legendary status of Shawty’s chain is that when people first saw it they were disgusted. Then they wanted it. That is true street cred.

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From Our Sister Site: The Many Uses Of Gold, Part 2

Previously, we discussed the usage of gold jewelry. One of the other major uses of gold throughout history, and into the present day, is its usage as a method of monetary exchange — in other words, as money. Gold transactions date back over six millennia, and continue strong into this day. Its high value and limited supply make it a useful medium for exchanges. In addition, gold’s durability, combined with its portability, have also made it an attractive option.

Paper money, until the past half century, was long backed by precious metals. Each bit of paper currency in circulation was carefully appraised based on the metal it represented. The strongest currencies were the ones backed by gold. Under this system, known as the “gold standard,” any person could exchange their paper money for its equal value in gold. Due to inflation, and the limited amount of gold, this system became untenable. It’s no longer used by any nation, despite calls from many to return to it.

The gold used for actual exchange, even as backing of currency, was typically held in bars. These bars are also known as “gold bullion.” Even with the dropping of the gold standard, bullion is still kept by many governments as a safe investment due to its continuing high value. Individuals and corporations also use gold as an investment. The bullion (and coins) allow for easy transportation, and a minimal amount of manufacturing.

Gold Coins
via http://www.coinweek.com

The first usage of gold coins is recorded as occurring in about 560 BC. King Croesus of Lydia — in what is a region of modern day Turkey — had coins of his likeness minted. This began a tradition of gold coinage that continued well into the 1900s — before paper currency became more common. The coins that were created typically represented either a unit of currency, or were a standard weight. Later, coins were also alloyed to other metals so that lower units of currency could be created.

Gold today plays a huge role in the world economy, despite the gold standard’s abandonment. Investors prize gold because it’s one of the few, very rare “safe investments” in the entire stock market.

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Most Influential Rap Albums Of All Time: Run The Jewels – Run The Jewels

It’s hard to not nod your head to “36′ chain,” our favorite track.

Underground messiah El-P, formerly of Company Flow and one-time CEO of Def Jux Records (home to mainstays Aesop Rock and Cannibal Ox) was an already established legend the hip hop community. When he met Dungeon Family stepchild and rap monster Killer Mike and produced an album for him, the chemistry was undeniable. Enter the freshman album that redefined independent promotion: Run The Jewels.

Mining the same gold vein they tapped in their first collaboration, this album debuted to near universal acclaim and relaunched the names of these underground stalwarts into the modern rap zeitgeist. At once political, farcical, tongue-in-check, and irreverent, RTJ cemented their spot in hip hop right out of the gate.


It’s hard to not nod your head to “36′ chain”, our favorite track. What’s yours? Comment below!

Featured Chain 6 – Bun B

If you hear the word “trill” you know for a fact that you are listening to Bun B. The Dirty South legend of course then had to make a chain that defines “trill” and proves why he is the unofficial mayor of . Hanging the 10 Commandments from his neck, Bun lets the world know that he is carrying the laws of man and life with him at all times.

The lettering on this $40,000 piece compliments it nicely. It’s raised, not engraved, giving it an impressive 3-D touch. Hanging on thick gold, and silver ropes Bun proves that the yellow and white diamond piece is a legend in the hip hop chain world.

This isn’t an ordinary accessory for an ordinary man. This is Bun pushing the boundaries once again, and showing the world what “trill life” means. The chains, and the man, are a true OG.

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From Our Sister Site: The Many Uses Of Gold, Part 1

Gold is the most useful mineral we’ve ever mined from the Earth. It conducts electricity, resists tarnish, is easily drawn into wires hammered into sheets, can be melted, fused with other minerals, and can be manipulated into complex shapes. Its luster, and color, make it a prized possession throughout the world. Cultures all throughout history have long prized gold, which united them in the face of language and cultural barriers.

In this multi-part series, we’ll be counting the ways our favorite metal has been put to use over the years. We’ll start with the most obvious — jewelry!

The most commonly known use for gold has been to make, and adorn, jewelry. About 78{5ef4f1494335cdf1c6713dc81e34bf8b01c1908fcb47b6adc339d702c3a163dc} of the gold consumed by customers each year is to adorn the body with. If you yourself do not own gold jewelry, there is a high likelihood that you know somebody that does.

The intrinsic qualities of gold are what made it perfect for manufacturing jewelry for hundreds of years. Its high luster, its resistance to tarnish, its ability to conform to various shapes and molds, and its rarity, are all qualities that place gold above the rest. Its many thousands of years spent as humanity’s favorite metal have ingrained in us the expectation that important items — objects, adornments, and anything we otherwise covet — should be made out of gold.

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Due to how soft and malleable gold is, it’s usually alloyed to other metals. The stress placed on pure gold under everyday usage conditions would cause it to break or degrade under normal wear, and normal usage conditions. Instead, craftsmen have learned to alloy gold to copper, silver, platinum, and other metals. This increases gold’s durability, and allows it to last longer.

However, gold alloys are worth less than pure gold. The standard of trade known as “karatage” was developed for the value per unit of gold. Pure gold is known as 24 karat gold, and is usually marked with a stamp that reads “24K.” 12 karat gold is gold that is 50{5ef4f1494335cdf1c6713dc81e34bf8b01c1908fcb47b6adc339d702c3a163dc} pure by weight, and marked with “12K.” The different karatage rates are derived the percentage out of 24 of a given weight. 75{5ef4f1494335cdf1c6713dc81e34bf8b01c1908fcb47b6adc339d702c3a163dc} gold would thus be 18 karat. High karat gold is softer, and more prone to tarnish and damage, while low-karat gold is stronger, and more likely to last. This makes 24 karat gold — ideal for bullion thanks to its purity — a bad choice for jewelry!

Gold alloys also change the color of the finished product, depending on the metal used for mixing. This all depends on the combination, with silver-copper alloys producing more yellow golds, and silver-copper-palladium mixtures produce a whiter gold. The mixture of your gold can be determined by a professional or by using equipment (or chemicals), but color-coding gives a good estimate, too.

Gold is important in jewelry not only for its value, but because of the luster it provides. Our long, storied history of using gold to adorn our bodies and fashion our most coveted items adds to the metal’s appeal. It’s tradition. The distinctive gold luster lets people know the worth, and value, of an object. Gold has value, because it’s intrinsically one of the most useful, rare metals in the universe.

Besides jewelry, gold is used for a great many things. We’ll be continuing this series and diving into some of the other great uses humanity has found for gold.

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Most Influential Rap Albums Of All Time: Outkast – Aquemini

Starting off our list of hip-hop’s most influential albums.



1998 was another banner year for hip-hop as it saw the release of several albums destined to resonate and define the careers of their creators. Perhaps no album defied convention more than duo Outkast’s third studio album: Aquemini.

At once a synth-slathered love letter to P-Funk, Black Pride and the Southern lifestyle, and yet also a mature chastisement of frivolous gangster proclivities, Aquemini defined the sound that was to boom out of for decades to come. An auteur look at the development of emcees Andre ‘3000’ Benjamin and Antwan ‘Big Boi’ Patton, this album has gone on to influence many, and even modern acts such as Run The Jewels stem from the lineage first set down by these Dungeon Family elders.

We are particularly fond of “Synthesizer”, which was the standout track to you? Comment below!

Featured Chain 5: The Game

Featured Chain 5: The Game

The Game
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There are some hip hop chains that are iconic simply due to their simplicity, their lack of subtlety, and the message they put across. Turning your name into $50,000 worth of ice and 50 carat Cuban links turns you into an OG for at least a moment. The Game made his name iconic with his massive double “The Game” chains. Produced by Ben Baller, the chains are synonymous with The Game. You rarely see one without the other.

Both chains are heavy, and both chains hold an impressive amount of ice. Jeweler Ben Baller relates that on the smaller name plate “we laser engraved ‘The Documentary’” and that on the larger one “The Devil’s Advocate” was engraved. The Game had the pieces designed because he was rapping about the pieces on his soon to drop album Devil’s Advocate. He didn’t want to be rapping about ice that he didn’t actually own.