Album 94: Atmosphere – When Life Gives You Lemons…

After five studio albums, massive national tours, their own label success with Rhymesayers, and positive attention on various late night shows, Atmosphere’s album “When Life Give You Lemons, Paint That Shit Gold” is perhaps their most grounded album. Slug’s storytelling abilities and Ant’s versatile musicianship fused into an album of pure middle class Americana. As close to a blues album as a hip hop album could get, “Lemons” features Slug’s ‘sexy scumbag’ snarl lamenting on the massive tragedies and small victories of the under served, unglamorous side of America.

Music legend Tom Waits makes the most appropriate of cameos on an album that is as many equal parts Waits, Leonard Cohen, and Bob Dylan as it is Public Enemy, Eminem, and Big Daddy Kane. A breakthrough for the Rhymesayers Boys.

“Guarantees” is what would happen if Bob Dylan was born 1985 and rapped in his 20’s, and is our favorite track. What is yours? Comment below!

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