Featured Chain 11 – Fabolous

VH1 Hip Hop Honors – Arrivals… – OCTOBER 07: Rapper Fabolous attends the VH1 Hip Hop Honors 2006 at the Hammerstein Ballroom October 7, 2006 New York City. (Photo by Frank Micelotta/Getty Images)

We’ve said before that there are two methods of creating an iconic hip hop chain. You can go tasteful, and fresh, creating something unique. , you can throw everything tasteful against the wall and go for audacity. Fabolous went the second route, and he went iconic because of it. Creating a diamond studded, Cuban chain holding, yellow and white gold monstrosity Fabolous embedded his Rich Yung line in infamy.

The $75,000 piece just screams extravagance, and it’s diamond setting only enhances its credibility. Designed by David Bling, this chain screams about status. Only somebody that is a true baller could get away with something so ridiculous, with is what Fabolous did. If you want people to buy into your clothing line, this is the way to catch them, and keep people talking.

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From Our Sister Site: The Many Uses Of Gold, Part 6

We have previously discussed the ways which gold is valuable on terra firma. Today we will discuss the ways in which gold makes it so that we can communicate with the stars. Gold is vital for aerospace purposes. Check out our previous articles on the usage of gold in electronics and computers for a primer on today’s blog.

Space helmet, gold
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With billions of dollars at stake when it comes to space travel, materials need to be dependable. Fixing a component in space is different than changing a tire on the side of the road. It’s not just more costly, it can be deadly. Maintenance and repair costs – but human and dollar – need to be as close to zero as possible. This is why gold has been turned to in the construction of every space vehicle launched by NASA and now independent companies such as SpaceX.

We have previously discussed golds usages in circuits, and check that article out. Now imagine those circuits being used in the void of space. Gold stays dependable, keeping it’s corrosive lacking properties even under the highest stress conditions. It is the most reliable conductor available for usage still. Most every part of every space vehicle are mounted with gold-coated film as well. This prevents the ambient radiation of space from leaking into the material – possibly harming the internal components of the humans inside of them.

Just as gold is vital for life on the ground, gold is vital for life above it. Gold prevents the internal components of space vehicles, objects, satellites, and more from overheating. The intrinsic properties of gold, previously discussed in this series, continue to apply even when off of this planet. Without the coating of gold, space travel and communication would be impossible.

Gold is also used to lubricate the joints between mechanical parts in space flight. Regular, earth bound lubricants do not stand up to the trials of space. They are broken down easily by the intense radiation of Earth’s atmosphere and beyond. Gold lacks these earth bound problems. It’s low, exceptionally low, shear strength means it can easily be used to coat the moving parts normally covered in lubricant. Instead, gold molecules slip past each other. Molding and unmolding under the forces of friction in a manner that acts as a lubricant. Gold makes space travel possible.

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From Our Sister Site: The Many Uses Of Gold, Part 5

We have previously discussed why gold is valuable. It’s luster, and color make it a prized possession throughout the world. Cultures throughout the history of the world have long prized gold, uniting them against language divides and time. It conducts electricity, doesn’t tarnish, is easily drawn into wires hammered into sheets, can be melted, fused with other minerals, and can be made into heavily detailed shapes.
Today we are going to examine the medial usages of gold. As with electronics, and jewelry (both of which we have previously written about, and you can read if you are interested) gold’s intrinsic properties are what makes it so valuable.

While gold is not the most economically valuable metal, per se, when it comes to dentistry it is valued for different reasons. First, the cost to prepare gold for dental use is much less than other metals. While iron would be cheaper theoretically, it does not stand up under use the way that gold does. Iron fillings would need a blacksmith just to fix your mouth, and to be removed after rusting within days. Gold doesn’t rust, and it barely corrodes. It doesn’t change the taste your mouth either, and is aesthetically pleasing. Not only does gold look better than other options, but it performs at a much higher rate than others.

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Every article has touched upon another reason why gold is so vital in dentistry, and it will be touched upon here again. Gold is easily alloyed to other metals to improve its already substantial qualities. Gold alloys are thus found in fillings, crowns, bridges, and even orthodontic appliances. It is nonallergenic, and is very easy manipulated by dentists.

Gold is used, and valued, in traditional medical applications as well. It’s usage as a drug is vital in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. Gold isotopes are also used in the guidance of cancer treatments as well. Gold is used to remedy conditions which cause a patient not to be able to close their eyes completely. Here, gold is implanted into a patient’s eyelids to give them added weight to close. Gold is picked because of it being chemically inert, and it’s nonallergenic properties. The usage of gold in diagnosing multiple conditions is vital to the medical field. It is used as a beta emitter in the body, helping to guide doctors on the correct path of treatment.

Finally, gold is incredibly valuable as the tools in which doctors perform surgical procedures. As we previously discussed gold is found in computers, electronics, and almost every device on Earth. The operating room is no different. Surgical instruments contain gold parts, and so do the life-support devices that assist in surgery. Gold is vital to the health of the world in this way.

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From Our Sister Site: The Many Uses Of Gold, Part 4

Cultures throughout the history of the world have long prized gold, uniting them against language divides and time. It conducts electricity, doesn’t tarnish, is easily drawn into wires hammered into sheets, can be melted, fused with other minerals, and can be made into heavily detailed shapes.

Previously we have discussed the usage of gold electronics and electronic devices. Today we are going to dive a little deeper into a concern brought forward in that article. Namely the use of gold in computers. We discussed how vital that gold is in the products that make this world run, and computers are the backbone of modern society. Thus it makes sense to spend a little more time talking about gold’s usage in these vital components.

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A quick recap on why gold is found in electronics so that we are all up to speed. You can also read the article on gold in electronics for more. Gold is a reliable conductor of electricity and electronic signals. As most electronics rely on low voltages and currents, it needs a metal that conducts without a degradation in signal. Gold accomplishes this with high reliability. The reason gold is such a reliable conductor of electric signals is because gold does not tarnish easily, and is not prone to corrosion. The same properties that make gold popular in jewelry is what makes gold vitally important in electronics. Gold is important the world over in this way.

As stated last time, if you need to make a connection then it will be made through gold. Your connections to the world are thus golden!

For computers in specific, gold is found in every device that can be classified as a ‘computer’ today. The standard desktop, to the laptop, to even your tablets and phones. Computers rely on rapid transmission of digital information. These connections need to be reliable, and they need to be efficient. This is why computer engineers have turned to gold. It is easily manipulated into the connections, shapes, and designs needed. While other metals may be cheaper, gold meets the high requirements of computer technology at higher rates than any others.

Gold is found throughout every component in a computer. The connectors used to mount the CPU and the memory chips are made of gold. The socket connectors and cables all contain cables. Connections, as always, are made through gold. Computers would not be able to function the way they do, and the reliability required without gold.

Another component towards gold’s reliability previously spoken about is the ability of gold to be alloyed to other metals. Read the article on jewelry for a more in depth take on this if you are interested. The short version is that gold can easily become attached to another metal, and this means gold can be alloyed to metals like nickel and cobalt. In this way gold is able to use their durability, and in turn provide this durability to computer products. Saying that gold is the most useful metal on earth is not hyperbole. It simply is.

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Featured Chain 8 – Birdman

When you enter the hip hop chain game, you either build up to a statement, gradually adding pieces and making yourself iconic… you come out swinging. Nobody came out swinging quite like Cash Money Records did their first video. Two Rolexes on each wrist. Lambos and Bentleys, and some serious bling. When you enter the game that hard, you stay for as long as you want.

Birdman made that dream come true, with his Cash Money Records Chain. The $20,000 gold piece is iconic, and it screams business. hip hop beat down the door, and it did it on the neck of Birdman and Cash Money Records. No more words need to be said about this chain, it speaks for itself, and it speaks it’s name: legendary.

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Most Influential Rap Albums Of All Time: Outkast – Aquemini

Starting off our list of hip-hop’s most influential albums.



1998 was another banner year for hip-hop as it saw the release of several albums destined to resonate and define the careers of their creators. Perhaps no album defied convention more than duo Outkast’s third studio album: Aquemini.

At once a synth-slathered love letter to P-Funk, Black Pride and the Southern lifestyle, and yet also a mature chastisement of frivolous gangster proclivities, Aquemini defined the sound that was to boom out of for decades to come. An auteur look at the development of emcees Andre ‘3000’ Benjamin and Antwan ‘Big Boi’ Patton, this album has gone on to influence many, and even modern acts such as Run The Jewels stem from the lineage first set down by these Dungeon Family elders.

We are particularly fond of “Synthesizer”, which was the standout track to you? Comment below!

Lupe Fiasco Gives His Review of “4:44”

Good stuff!

Taking to his Instagram Lupe Fiasco has given his review of Jay-Z’s monumental 4:44. true Lupe style, he threw it down in rhyme.

Over the course of both posts Lupe gave his take on one of this summer’s hottest albums, Jay-Z’s 13th in his massive body of work.

“Album dropped when I was overseas, data plans & coverage limitations wouldn’t allow a decent listen,” he began explaining why it took a moment for him to get around to his giving his thoughts. Now that he was back “from China” Lupe continued, “for now let’s just focus on the pair of twins times 3, the 13th Jigga, had to make the review rhyme this time for you n*ggas.”

His post continued to summarize his initial thoughts (“takes me back like Royal slippers, with sublime glimpses of that old spitter, baseline bully, he wouldn’t freestyle a whole album would he?, leave the speculation to the bookies, push me back to when we was rookies, chip off the old Roc”). He stated that while the album was “too personal for my opinion” it did make him want to “apologize to random women.”

Even then, the album “sounds like what happens when education meets decorations for mass that met black witchcraft and went half on calf…” He said that the album was “better than yours” and that “I know exactly how he do it, can even reproduce it, but just cuz you can imitate the bruises that don’t mean they Bruce’s.”

In summary, Lupe gave the album a triumphant “10/10 Stop Hiding Behind Hooks & Fill Up A Rhyme Book.”

It is well worth to read both parts of Lupe’s review in full below.

Album dropped when I was overseas, data plans & coverage limitations wouldn't allow a decent listen, usually like to oversee when I be whippin, back from china on a American, long story I'll take you back there again, for now let's just focus on the pair of twins times 3, the 13th Jigga, had to make the review rhyme this time for you niggas, shit takes me back like Royal slippers, with sublime glimpses of that old spitter, baseline bully, he wouldn't freestyle a whole album would he?, leave the speculation to the bookies, push me back to when we was rookies, chip off the old Roc, presenting my cookies to the cutter, the album is better than yours motherfuckers, hence why I peruse swift, and curse all ya gifts, Smile is the shit, 4:44 too personal for my opinion, but makes me wanna go up and apologize to random women, Blame Jay, the vibe checkered but dirty beats make it hard to sneak past the first 5 records, looped up the jewels viewing the clarity during a layover, right now awesome, give you the rest when I get to Boston…👍🏾

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The second half meditation, sounds like what happens when education meets decorations for mass that met black witchcraft and went half on calf, holy cow, MARCY ME!, had to put it in all caps, the artistry separates the bullshit from the Bulls Chips, partially, all facts, how he gone take it there? The beat feel like Sanaa Lathan hair…in slow motion, next to the ocean, wordplay gorgeous, 5 mics no sources, I ain't publicly leaned back bopped in a while especially to this style of a portrait, vulnerable but not tortured, a fortress ain't gotta force it, real time classic, a revival of the corpus, the Tribeca Jay cool but he like for the masses, the Brooklyn Jay a ghoul only suitable for the masters, MARCY ME so fucking stupid! Funny part is I know exactly how he do it, can even reproduce it, but just cuz you can imitate the bruises that don't mean they Bruce's, message to the hearer, Lee that boy alone, he's fighting without fighting we just cuts inside his mirror! 10/10 Stop Hiding Behind Hooks & Fill Up A Rhyme Book….😏

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5 Famous Hip-Hop Jewelry Suppliers

Apart from us, of course 😉

Jay Jacob

Hip hop and bling go together like ham and cheese. It’s impossible to think of one without the other. Cash is one thing, but to be able to wear your money puts you at a level far and above people that can only flash stacks. Money is temporary, bling is a lifestyle.

So where are the biggest hip-hop stars getting bling’d out?

One of the most well-known jewelers is Jacob Arabo, otherwise known as Jacob the Jeweler. While the average person may think that his wares are gaudy, Jay-Z, Nas, and Puff Daddy have worn his unique jewel-encrusted gold, as well as diamond chains, watches, and rings. While Jacob got sent upstate from Manhattan 2008 for money-laundering, he was released in 2010, and continues to cater to those looking for his exorbitant pieces.

Queens native Greg Yuna switched from being a mortgage broker to a jeweler. He picked up his first celebrity client in Floyd Mayweather, and coined his nickname — Mr. Flawless. He’s since gathered clients in Rick Ross, 50 Cent, and Raekwon. What sets Yuna apart, though, is how thoroughly urban his makes are. When you wear Yuna, you’re wearing a piece that has the soul of the boroughs.

Rafaello & Co, on the other hand, provide jewels for anybody that wants to assert how rich and famous they are. From 11 pound gold for Jay-Z, to Saudi royalty, to a $500,000 diamond ring for a DJ Khaled publicity stunt, the Gabriel Jacobs-helmed store exists to make waves in the best way possible.

Down South in , T.V. Johnny (aka Johnny Dang) made his mark in the 2010 Nelly hit “Grillz,” which featured a Johnny-made Grill on Paul Wall. Ever since, he’s been called upon by Lil Jon, David Banner, Rick Ross, and more to provide his signature jewelry. His fame has hit the point where he appears not just on reality shows, but in rap videos themselves.

Ben Baller knew the hip hop game before he became a jeweler. Starting as a DJ for Dr. Dre, and playing a hand in getting Jay-Z signed, Baller is based in . He lives up to his name, with luxury cars, a huge house, and a client list that would give a heart attack to most: Kanye, Drake, Nas, Frank Ocean, the Kardashians, and more. His company IF & Co has been profiled from the LA Times all the way to the Wall Street Journal.

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Birdman’s Nest Up For Sale

Via Billboard

The Cash Money CEO, Birdman, is putting his nest up for sale. His extravagant mansion sits in the birthplace of , and is on the market for $20 million.

The home originally belonged to Russell Weiner, founder of Rockstar Energy Drinks, who sold the home to Birdman for $14.25 million in 2011.

Birdman took ownership of the home and dumped additional cash into renovations.

According to The Real Deal, Birdman’s simply got too much house on his hands.

“It’s too much home for him,” said Brett Harris, Birdman’s listing agent. “We’re actively pursuing other properties in South for him now.”

According the The Real Deal’s listing, the house comes quite well-equipped, with seven bedrooms and twelve bathrooms. More impressively, it’s got a dock for a yacht, and its own movie theatre. No wonder Bird feels like he’s in need of a downgrade. Here’s the writeup from The Real Deal:

Records show the seven-bedroom, 12-bathroom house sits on a 0.7-acre lot. The property includes about 100 feet of water frontage with a dock for a 100-foot yacht, a volleyball court, movie theater, chef’s kitchen, two wine cellars, a pool, and a summer kitchen with a pizza oven, Harris said. Williams upgraded the master bedroom by combining three bedrooms on the top floor and it now spans about 3,500 square feet.
But wait, there’s more. The house also has a four-door garage and a two-door garage. Yes, you read that right. The mansion is also home the “million dollar mattress” that Birdman sleeps on, as well as the golden toilet we saw on Instagram.

Some speculate that the listing is related to legal trouble. Lil Wayne is currently suing Bird’s record label, so maybe it’s a money-saving move.

What do you think? Let us know!

How Do I Keep My Gold Plated Jewelry Clean?

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We’ve talked a little bit about the differences between gold jewelry and gold plated jewelry before. If you’re looking to dress to the nines and show off a little shine without paying the premiums associated with pure gold silver, buying gold plated or hollow jewelry is one way to save a few bucks.

It looks nearly as good as the pure stuff — after all, it’s not too distant a cousin, and plenty of folks actually prefer gold plated jewelry to going all-out on costs. Usually the jewelry just has a heavier, more durable metal than gold underneath a thin layer of the real stuff. It’s a bit easier to maintain, less costly, and you won’t have a heart attack when you inevitably scratch or tarnish it.

We’re going to take a look at some fast tips and methods used by people all over the world to take care of their gold plated jewelry. Before we do, listen up:

These tips are specifically for gold PLATED jewelry. There are separate maintenance procedures for pure gold. Don’t try any of this stuff on your real gold! If you’re unsure of what you have, bring your metal to us or a jeweler your area. We’ll tell you exactly what you’ve got, and how to take care of it!

First step:

Clean with dish detergent (for gold plated bands without stones)

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Normally, any kind of detergents or cleaning chemicals accelerate tarnishing. Moisture such as the oils on our fingers, the water in the air, and our hygiene products all speed up the rate in which our jewelry deteriorates. When it comes to gold plated jewelry, however, a little moderation makes normal water and dish soap a perfectly acceptable cleaning solution.

Here’s what you do. Fill a bowl with warm water. Not hot water, but something warm from the tap. The reason warm water works best is because rapid temperature changes can damage your jewelry. If you want to get extra cleanliness points, you can use filtered water or club soba. Seltzer water works well, too.

Mix the soap in with the water until it’s one solution, and soak your jewelry in the solution for a few minutes. About a half hour should do the trick — soapy water will work its way into the cracks and crevices in your jewelry, loosening up any grit or grime that’s been lodged there.

It’s for that reason we also recommend skipping this step if your jewelry has glued-in stones of any kind. Those pieces should never be left underwater, because the solution may loosen the glue used to keep your stones in place. If you have stones in your jewelry, you’re cleaning more than one material, so you’ll have to take extra care to research the best cleaning methods for your particular piece. We’ll touch more on how to clean jewelry with stones in it down below.

A warm water rinse after the fact will remove said dirt. Now, your jewelry is ready for a manual cleaning.


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If you’re going to manually clean the jewelry, use the appropriate method. Very old, worn jewelry with tons of grit on it may be a candidate for something as heavy-duty as a toothbrush. Normally, we don’t recommend something that coarse. A toothbrush can actually pull the gold plating straight off your jewelry, giving it a sandpapery, dull look.

You definitely don’t want that, so go with a light, soft cloth (something you might clean your eyeglasses with), and gently polish your jewelry after soaking it in dishwasher. Special brushes exist for this purpose as well — the bristles are about as soft as a shave gel brush.

After a thorough rinse, dry your jewelry. Don’t press on it too hard with the cloth, because you may tarnish it by doing so. Many simply leave the jewelry sitting on a towel after a brief drying. It’s important to let the jewelry fully dry before wearing it, because any moisture trapped between it and your skin will only put you back at square one, with tarnish. Even worse — this is when jewelry is most susceptible to leaving those nasty green rings on your finger that stay there after removal.


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After you’ve given your gold plated jewelry a wash, it’s time to store it. This is where a lot of folks go wrong — they leave their jewelry sitting out in the open air. It’s an easy mistake to make, but all told, it only serves to harm your jewelry.

We recommend taking your metals and storing them in an airtight ziplock bag, a jewelry box, or inside soft bits of cloth. The reason is simple — keeping moisture out is the number one thing you can do to help keep your jewelry tarnish-free. By keeping moisture away from it, you’ll extend the lifetime of the jewelry, especially its appearance, by a great deal.

You can buy chalk, silica gel pellets (those tiny bags that feel like they’re full of small pebbles that come with new shoes), or no-tarnish strips to store alongside your jewelry. These items all serve the same function — they attract and absorb any moisture that gets near your jewelry.

What about jewelry with gemstones?

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These pieces can still be cleaned using some of the same materials, but you have to be extra careful to never submerge this jewelry in water. Corrosive solutions such as ammonia and alcohol will damage your stones.

You can follow the above steps, only wet a cloth with a small amount of water and clean the jewelry as gently as you can. A jewelry brush or a similar soft-haired brush is ideal for cleaning the area around the gemstone. Just be sure to use something that won’t scratch or tarnish the piece, otherwise it’s defeating the purpose.

Dishwater didn’t do the trick…

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It won’t always. Sometimes jewelry is so dirty, perhaps because of its age, that it requires a cleaning much more intense than the one you’re giving it with just water and dish soap.

We don’t recommend using these methods for all jewelry, and definitely not often — but there are some “deep clean” techniques you can use for jewelry that’s more in need of life support than a trip to the makeup table.

Baking soda, toothpaste, or boiling water. Again, all three aren’t ideal for jewelry with glued or set gemstones. If you’re dealing with just banded jewelry though, you can liberally apply baking soda or toothpaste to a brush and start scrubbing away. Don’t do this with new jewelry — you’ll scratch the metal! If your jewelry is more grit and grime on the surface than it is gold plating, this is an okay way to go.

Submerging your jewelry in boiling water allows very fast-moving particles (that’s what heat is!) to get inside the cracks and knock loose all the dirt and grime lodged there.

General tips

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So, that’s the cleaning process. There’s more handy information you can put to use — here are some fast tips for all-around proper care of your gold plated jewelry.

1. Store the jewelry in a dry, secure place. Cloth is preferable.
2. Alcohol will remove grit and dirt, but avoid using it on pieces with gemstones.
3. Do not use bleach! Or anything you’d put into a pool, either.
4. Gemstones are very delicate and should never come into contact with chemicals that aren’t specifically approved for that specific type of stone.
5. Perfumes, shampoos, soaps — they’re great for us, but not for our jewelry. If you put this stuff on, and it gets onto your jewelry, you should clean the metals immediately. This stuff all harms a piece of jewelry’s coating.
6. Don’t wear your jewelry while swimming or exercising. Some jewelry can handle the swim, others can’t. A good rule of thumb would be to take your jewelry off before jumping in the pool. Before exercising, it’s very important to take your jewelry off. The sweat from your body is a very effective agent when it comes to tarnishing and corroding your jewelry.
7. Avoid coarse, rough brushes unless the piece you’re using is in desperate need of it, and “pristine” condition is no longer possible.
8. Last but not least — bring your metals to a jeweler if you’re not sure. They’d be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

So, those are some handy tips on how to clean, wear, maintain, and store your gold plated jewelry. Got your own? Let us know in the comments below!