Currently — Late 2020 Obsessions

It has been a minute since I last did an existing obsessions post! I like doing these in moments of sensation unimaginative, which has actually been my primary struggle just recently. I think a lot involves the upcoming vacations, attempting to plan what I think my audience wishes to see vs. what I wish to write/feature. It is tough when you wish to check out brand-new creative outlets however feel like you never have the time to keep up with important daily tasks. I require more hours in a day!
Anyhow, here are my newest obsessions:

I lastly got my nails done given that February of this year! Love the black and white, also enjoy an excellent matte surface.

Nashville was one of the stops and I feel in love with this bead hair of raw dumortierite crystals. Its a great juxtaposition with all the gold I use and another fantastic method to hop on the bead trend!

Heres a bunch seen here with a fabric sample I got from The Curious Department, who has a line of fabric and wallpaper that is jewelry-inspired. Numerous cool choices and it has me wanting to remodel!

I loved reading the stories from his comprehensive travels and profession over on his website. This specific piece is a 14k yellow gold precious jewelry box bejeweled with 51 gems. I definitely love it.

Last night we introduced another chain design, the mini staple chain and the rate point was our primary focus on this piece. We wanted a ridiculous rate for a genuine gold chain, but also have it be a great quality and still strong enough to hold your valuable appeals. We ended up going with 10k yellow gold and love how it turned out.

These carved opal pendants are absolutely my favorite piece I used for sale this year on @shopGemGossip! I just have 3 left and Im attempting to get a couple of more, maybe this time without a chain attached; more like a beauty. Hoping it can occur!

Key collection — — Ive been diligently dealing with my gold crucial collection the last couple of months! These 3 are absolutely my favorites and all take place to have opal as the main stone. Something wonderful about secrets and opals, so both combined really is unique. From left to right is Acanthus Jewelry, Rachel Atherley and Sofia Zakia.

Really excited to be working with them and love their vision. Gem Gossip is presently the only vintage precious jewelry on there, with the pieces above being some of the selection.
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In time for the holidays, I have some crazy boulder opal pieces readily available over at @shopGemGossip. I loved investing a day getting innovative and photographing them — — this was my preferred shot. Mirrors are enjoyable to deal with when it pertains to photography, however it doesnt harm that these opals dont have any bad angles. They are available now!

Sculpted gemstone seashell appeals — — I loved sourcing these special gems shells and getting a 14k solid gold loop put on them so they could be worn with other great precious jewelry. I started with a really little batch in the beginning to see if it would be something you would have an interest in too and you guys enjoyed them! I sourced this time however another batch decided to choose a number and just do a restricted amount. I have one more batch practically total which will be the final round. These will retire, so there will only be 100 out in the world! Get yours while you can!

I think a lot has to do with the upcoming vacations, attempting to plan what I think my audience desires to see vs. what I want to write/feature. It is difficult when you desire to explore new imaginative outlets but feel like you never have the time to keep up with vital everyday tasks. We wanted a crazy price for a genuine gold chain, but also have it be a fantastic quality and still strong enough to hold your valuable beauties. Many cool options and it has me wanting to refurnish! Love the white and black, likewise love an excellent matte finish.

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