From Our Sister Site: The Many Uses Of Gold, Part 4

Cultures throughout the history of the world have long prized gold, uniting them against language divides and time. It conducts electricity, doesn’t tarnish, is easily drawn into wires hammered into sheets, can be melted, fused with other minerals, and can be made into heavily detailed shapes.

Previously we have discussed the usage of gold electronics and electronic devices. Today we are going to dive a little deeper into a concern brought forward in that article. Namely the use of gold in computers. We discussed how vital that gold is in the products that make this world run, and computers are the backbone of modern society. Thus it makes sense to spend a little more time talking about gold’s usage in these vital components.


A quick recap on why gold is found in electronics so that we are all up to speed. You can also read the article on gold in electronics for more. Gold is a reliable conductor of electricity and electronic signals. As most electronics rely on low voltages and currents, it needs a metal that conducts without a degradation in signal. Gold accomplishes this with high reliability. The reason gold is such a reliable conductor of electric signals is because gold does not tarnish easily, and is not prone to corrosion. The same properties that make gold popular in jewelry is what makes gold vitally important in electronics. Gold is important the world over in this way.

As stated last time, if you need to make a connection then it will be made through gold. Your connections to the world are thus golden!

For computers in specific, gold is found in every device that can be classified as a ‘computer’ today. The standard desktop, to the laptop, to even your tablets and phones. Computers rely on rapid transmission of digital information. These connections need to be reliable, and they need to be efficient. This is why computer engineers have turned to gold. It is easily manipulated into the connections, shapes, and designs needed. While other metals may be cheaper, gold meets the high requirements of computer technology at higher rates than any others.

Gold is found throughout every component in a computer. The connectors used to mount the CPU and the memory chips are made of gold. The socket connectors and cables all contain cables. Connections, as always, are made through gold. Computers would not be able to function the way they do, and the reliability required without gold.

Another component towards gold’s reliability previously spoken about is the ability of gold to be alloyed to other metals. Read the article on jewelry for a more in depth take on this if you are interested. The short version is that gold can easily become attached to another metal, and this means gold can be alloyed to metals like nickel and cobalt. In this way gold is able to use their durability, and in turn provide this durability to computer products. Saying that gold is the most useful metal on earth is not hyperbole. It simply is.

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