40 Years Of Hip-Hop In One Mashup

Hood Internet
Hood Internet
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Wow — just, wow. From the same duo who brought us The Hood Internet comes a mashup of 40 years of hip-hop music.

The group, who are known for their skill and talent with mashups, wanted to do something special that covered over 40 years of hip-hop music.

The mixup is titled (plainly) “40 Years of Hip-Hop,” and blends over 150 tracks, spanning over four decades. All told, the mix is just shy of the four-minute mark. True rap enthusiasts, and especially any old heads who’ve been around for awhile, will find this to be entertaining.

Take a look at the video below:

With the mix, you get a short, yet powerful history lesson.

According to The Hood Internet (during an interview with HipHopDX), the project took over a year to put together.

“Building on that approach of blending small bits of songs together to make a cohesive whole. Here we tried to take it to its logical extreme by making those bits of songs even smaller— rappers don’t even finish their own rhymes before it jumps to someone else,” they said. “The challenge was still getting the vocals to fit together a way that sounded natural. From there it just evolved into trying to capture all eras of hip-hop in the context of one song-length song.”

How many tracks did you recognize? Let us know!

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