All Eyes On Me — The Tupac Biopic — Has A Strong Opening

Have you seen All Eyez On Me?


The recently-released Tupac biopic is enjoying relatively strong box office numbers. According to Deadline, the piece has already raked just under $30 million.

The film reportedly had a healthy budget of $45 million. Producers claim they expected the film to do even better, thanks to test screenings performing well prior to the official launch.

The movie previewed across 2,000 U.S.-based theaters, and had raked in a respectable $12.9 million going into launch weekend.

All Eyez On Me saw far more preview sales and advanced ticket sales than other Hip-Hop biopics, such as Straight Outta , but came up short on tallies of walk-up money.

It’s not all bad news, though. The week before its release, estimates concluded that the movie would probably gross no more than $22 million. The movie came in at over $5 million higher. Despite the producers’ ambitions, it’s hard not to call Eyez a success.

Jada Pinkett-Smith, a close friend of Tupac’s, criticized the movie on Twitter, calling it inaccurate.

Reviews have been mixed, with critics generally tanking the movie, and average user reviews praising it. The Hip-Hop community has a lot of opinions on the movie so far.

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