Diddy Postpones Comeback To Mentor Younger Rappers

Instead of mounting another comeback, Diddy has decided instead to mentor new artists.

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Instead of mounting another comeback, Diddy has decided instead to mentor new artists. Sean Combs has decided to use his expertise promoting new, non-white artists.

Diddy hasn’t dropped a new album is over a decade, although he has released a mixtape to try to quell demand. The release of the mixtape lead his fans to believe that a comeback album was imminent. However, it now appears that Sean “Diddy” Combs has turned his attention towards offering the opportunities young stars are clamoring for.

“The impact I want to have is to be able to empower a lot of the storytellers of color,” Diddy told BuzzFeed News. He feels that he can better serve the hip-hop community by empowering those, “who are not getting that chance and that opportunity.”

Diddy says that his decision making process is driven by asking himself a simple question, “Can I have an impact that’s bigger than myself?” He says that “working behind the scenes” will allow “more opportunities and break down some doors.”

In addition, Diddy related that he is tired of the industry being dominated by old white men, despite the success of artists and moguls such as Jay-Z, Kanye, and Beyoncé. “That’s all the music industry was when I was coming up.”

Diddy’s teaser was preceded by the lead single “Finna Get Loose,” which was a wild chart success. The rumored album is set to be a sequel to his acclaimed 1997 debut No Way Out. The album, No Way Out 2, was set to close the door on his music career by coming full circle.

Instead Diddy sees that there is a better way he can come full circle. He began his career as a talent director at hip-hop label Uptown Records. It was there that Diddy noticed that the gatekeepers to the industry weren’t like those that were consuming the music. This lead to the decision to launch Bad Boys Records in 1993. “I owed it to myself to be free … it was time for interns to start coming up and running the culture.”

Now, Diddy feels, it’s time to go back to what he did at the start of his career and find the new Notorious BIG, Faith Evans, and Mase.

“I think that this generation has the biggest opportunity to change and save the world,” Combs said on his decision to inspire the artists of today, “The power has never been more in their hands.”

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