Dr. Dre & Eminem See Sales Boost After “The Defiant Ones” Release

Back at it again!


With the release of “The Defiant Ones” hip-hop legends Dr. Dre and Eminem have seen a boost to their back catalogue. The film project has led to a noticeable bump the sales of their previous albums.

Working together for the first time on Eminem’s “My Name Is” the two have seen their careers largely intertwined with each other. The release of ‘The Defiant Ones’ has sparked a greater interest in their past, with their albums rising on the iTunes Hip-Hop Albums and Singles charts. Dre’s classic, seminal hit “The Chronic” has risen as high as sixth on the charts, while Eminem has taken a hold of all of the spots just outside of the top ten. “The Eminem Show” “The Marshall Mathers LP” and “The Slim Shady LP” respectively hold the eleventh, twelfth, and thirteenth spots on the chart.

Defiant Ones
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The duo’s collaborations have seen a massive rise up the charts as well. Their hit song “Forgot About Dre” has once again hit the top 40, this time rising as high as fourteenth on the Top 40 hip hop singles on iTunes. No less than fifteen other songs where one of the pair is credited have entered the iTunes Top 100.

Famously, Dre didn’t realize that Eminem was white when he decided to work with him, but they quickly set about a collaboration that has spawned some of hip hop’s greatest albums. Discussing their first meeting in the HBO documentary, Dre related that within minutes of meeting in the studio for the first time that Shady’s hit “My Name Is” had been created.

“That’s what happened,” Dre said. “Our first day, in the first few minutes of us being together in the studio.”

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