Perhaps nothing sums up the excesses of hip hop chains better than one that was immortalized an action figure. Ghostface Killah, one of the core members of the hip hop shaolin warriors of the Wu Tang Clan, had a chain that was so large it couldn’t be contained on just his neck. Combining a dinner plate sized Versace Medallion hanging low on his neck, with an Eagle Bracelet on his wrist Ghostface dared the world to top him. Constantly referenced in his songs, Ghostface would eventually immortalize the $75,000 worth of gold in his infamous action figure:

Ghostface Killah

The plate itself was worth over $40,000, with the other $35,000 contained in the chain. This isn’t even talking about the worth of the golden eagle. The chain itself had a bad ending, as it was eventually stolen by a janitor. Ghostface would eventually replace the plate with another infamous chain, but nothing could come close to topping the original.

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