There are two methods towards creating an iconic hip hop chain. You can either make a giant dinner plate that lets the world know how much money you have due to its extravagance, you can go the route that Chamillionaire did. Holding $100,000 worth of value, Chamillionaire’s Chameleon Chain shines bright with that equal value of diamonds. It holds double rows of solitaire diamonds, on a diamond stud chain, and what’s more was completely real. Chamillionaire’s chain came about when most rappers were wearing fake diamond stud chains due to their expense.

Debuting 2008 and made by King Johnny, Chamillionaire’s ice changed the game by not only combining the ice usually found in hip hop chains, but also by putting it on a scale that most associated with solid gold medallions. Chamillionaire’s chain was large, it was flashy, and it was brilliant.

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