The Game

There are some hip hop chains that are iconic simply due to their simplicity, their lack of subtlety, and the message they put across. Turning your name into $50,000 worth of ice and 50 carat Cuban links turns you into an OG for at least a moment. The Game made his name iconic with his massive double “The Game” chains. Produced by Ben Baller, the chains are synonymous with The Game. You rarely see one without the other.

Both chains are heavy, and both chains hold an impressive amount of ice. Jeweler Ben Baller relates that on the smaller name plate “we laser engraved ‘The Documentary’” and that on the larger one “The Devil’s Advocate” was engraved. The Game had the pieces designed because he was rapping about the pieces on his soon to drop album Devil’s Advocate. He didn’t want to be rapping about ice that he didn’t actually own.

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