Featured Chain 6 – Bun B

If you hear the word “trill” you know for a fact that you are listening to Bun B. The Dirty South legend of course then had to make a chain that defines “trill” and proves why he is the unofficial mayor of . Hanging the 10 Commandments from his neck, Bun lets the world know that he is carrying the laws of man and life with him at all times.

The lettering on this $40,000 piece compliments it nicely. It’s raised, not engraved, giving it an impressive 3-D touch. Hanging on thick gold, and silver ropes Bun proves that the yellow and white diamond piece is a legend the hip hop chain world.

This isn’t an ordinary accessory for an ordinary man. This is Bun pushing the boundaries once again, and showing the world what “trill life” means. The chains, and the man, are a true OG.

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