With the hip-hop community still mourning the loss of Prodigy, friends and collaborates have begun to speak out on his untimely death. Former Mobb Deep partner, Havoc, has recently spoken on his friend’s shocking passing. The rapper, still shock, stated that his reaction to hearing the news was nonchalant, as he thought it was a “a weird rumor.”

Initially in denial, Havoc had trouble accepting the death of his partner, as he’d been keeping a close eye on him. Prodigy even appeared to be getting better. Tragically, that turned out to be false. You can hear some of Havoc’s thoughts below.

Havoc stated, “I was really laughing, to be honest with you” when he heard Prodigy had died. His friend had battled sickle cell for 28 years, and he had just assumed it was another nasty internet rumor. The laughter stopped, however, with a call to his manager. Driving his five year old son home from graduating kindergarten, he admitted to almost crashing his car. “I could’ve crashed with my kids in the car,” the obviously shaken producer stated.

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He admits that “I’m still just fucked up” and that he is finding it difficult to “listen to Shook Ones” any other song produced by his dead friend. Any memory of Prodigy has been hard on Havoc, with him stating, “I hardly can look at the pictures” before finding himself at a loss for words in describing his feelings.

“People that lost somebody,” he stated, “know what I’m talking about.”

Reflecting on the length, and legacy of his friendship with Prodigy, Havoc stated “I met him when I was fifteen” and that he’s “forty three right now… I still can’t believe it. I just can’t.”

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