Hip-Hop Themed Restaurant Open In Jersey

The menu looks dope!

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A new restaurant and lounge just opened — it takes its name from Beat Street, the 1984 movie about graffiti, hip-hop, the Bronx, and breakdancing. The restaurant has a hip-hop theme.

The restaurant’s aim is capturing the feel and energy of the early days of hip-hop. KC Macias, who is teaming up with Transmission owner Howard Brunner and head chef Darryl Harmon, confirmed as much. The renowned chef calls his menu “elevated street food.”

Beat Street sits in a narrow space previously occupied by a bar and lounge attached to a nightclub, and has a dining room, murals, a lounge area, cassette-tape tables, and a grand piano. The bar sits 15, and outdoor seating wraps around the building. You can find it all on the corner of Provost and Bay street.

Brunner told .com he’d been thinking about adding a dining establishment to Transmission, but was hesitant and selective because of the narrow, unusual nature of the space. He found a solution in Harmon, who has worked in Philly, Atlantic City, and as a top chef.

The menu is pretty wild. You can find 80’s relics like Pop Rocks on the menu, but the entrees are where it’s at. You can order sous vide lobster mac and cheese, which comes with Cheez-Its. You can also order sliders that come sandwiched between tostones, and come adorned with a sofrito sauce.

Sliders and other “little bites” are popular, but a massive 42-ounce tomahawk steak, sliced tableside and served with garlic flan, is available for a cool $60.

Best of all, Macias is featuring live music every night, and isn’t charging any cover. The DJ booth has barstools surrounding it, so interested patrons can have a look at the masters at work.

Hours, for now, are Tuesday-Saturday from 5:00-11:00. The owners intend to open a little earlier to include brunch after getting the hang of things.

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