Most Influential Rap Albums Of All Time: Run The Jewels – Run The Jewels

It’s hard to not nod your head to “36′ chain,” our favorite track.

Underground messiah El-P, formerly of Company Flow and one-time CEO of Def Jux Records (home to mainstays Aesop Rock and Cannibal Ox) was an already established legend the hip hop community. When he met Dungeon Family stepchild and rap monster Killer Mike and produced an album for him, the chemistry was undeniable. Enter the freshman album that redefined independent promotion: Run The Jewels.

Mining the same gold vein they tapped in their first collaboration, this album debuted to near universal acclaim and relaunched the names of these underground stalwarts into the modern rap zeitgeist. At once political, farcical, tongue-in-check, and irreverent, RTJ cemented their spot in hip hop right out of the gate.

It’s hard to not nod your head to “36′ chain”, our favorite track. What’s yours? Comment below!

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