What Are Braided Rope Chains?

Braided gold rope chain
Gold rope chain
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Finding the right chain for your necklace is critical. If you’re on this site, odds are, you’re learning a thing two about . Perfect any size, and for any occasion, they’re some of our favorite pieces available anywhere. Having first become popular in during the 80’s, Cuban link chains are making a powerful comeback, and are something of a staple in today’s hip hop.

Today, we’re going to look at another type of chain that’s just as popular: the braided rope gold chain.

Gold rope chain
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Unlike Cuban link chains or other traditional chain types, rope braided gold looks and handles like one solid piece of material. In a sense, it is. While traditional link chains are made up of many pieces joined together, rope braided gold is a mimicry of actual rope. That is, strands of flat or threadlike gold were woven together and pulled into a rope design.

You certainly wouldn’t want to try hanging from it, but for all intents and purposes, the braided rope gold is actual rope made from gold.

Gold rope chain
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It provides its users with a flexibility (and a look) that other chain types don’t offer. The added durability this type of chain provides is a favorite amongst wearers — the pieces are often (albeit slightly) more resistant to separation, other types of damage resulting from “clipping” the piece or getting it snagged on something, and easier to repair than many other types of jewelry.

Braided rope gold is ideal for pairing with a medallion or centerpiece, or looks good on its own.

Gold rope chain
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Many of the same questions apply when shopping for braided rope gold that do when you’re looking at Cuban link (or other) chains. How heavy do you want the chain? Should you go with a hollow, or solid design? Do you want the full chain to be gold, or do you want a piece of gold plated jewelry? How about silver? Check out our piece on tackling these questions and selecting the perfect chain for yourself.

Got any thoughts on braided rope gold chains? We want to hear from you!

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