You Won’t Believe What Kendrick Lamar Bought His Little Sister

Kendrick Lamar
Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar’s not only a great rapper, but a great older brother, too.

His sister, Kayla Duckworth, recently graduated from high school. The “HUMBLE” rapper made sure it was an unforgettable affair — he rewarded her with the keys to a brand new Toyota.

Of course, his sister was quick to show off the present on social media.

What’s not surprising, but interesting nonetheless, are the negative comments and criticisms people lobbed at the rapper for his choice of car. Others came to the defense. One Twitter user asked, “Was he supposed to buy her a foreign whip that drives fast as shit and she cant afford the maintenance insurance on?”

This isn’t the first time Lamar has paid homage to his little sister. Back 2011, the popular artist rapped about her on “Keisha’s Song (Her Pain).”

Again in 2015, Kendrick included her in a song, titled “u.” The song is about his internal struggles. The lyrics are as follows:

“What can I blame you for? Ni**a, I can name several situations, I’ll start with your little sister bakin’ / A baby inside, just a teenager, where your patience? / Where was your antennas? Where was the influence you speak of? / You preached in front of 100,000 but never reached her.”

Heavy stuff. One thing’s for sure — we would all like a brother like that!

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